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Ascent is a specialist debt recovery firm and the UK’s most successful for legal collections and recoveries.

SRA ID: 570670

In Ascent Contact, we operate the UK’s market leading field team, conducting up to 60% of all UK visits in some of our chosen markets.

Our business model is the secret to our success. Unusually in the market, we operate an employed network of field representatives which provides a nationwide field force service.

Where there has been a breakdown in communication, and there is an on-going relationship to be preserved, or in the case of one-off debts where it is vital to maximise the chances of securing repayment, our experienced team of field agents are able to assist directly at the source.

We are very mindful of the need to ensure a service which offers complete brand and reputational protection. This is why we chose our employed model and for the same reasons, we now operate full interview recording in the field. Recordings are made freely available to our clients. We also as a matter of principle never take any form of payment (including cash) at the door or in the home.

Our approach in the field is designed to assist each customer to find a solution to the position in which he or she finds him or herself. Our employed field force are expertly trained in vulnerable customers and interest only visits in addition to being specially trained and tested in arrears mediation.

The majority of our work in the field is on secured debt (mortgage arrears) but it also has a part to play in unsecured finance, particularly in respect of dormant accounts. By conducting home visits, our field representatives are able to verify at first hand particular asset conditions or value and view specific documentation to support a customer claim. All of this can be evidenced and packaged in a comprehensive report tailored to clients’ specific requirements – indeed, we are able through ipad technology to use clients’ own documentation and to build in functionality which means that all required questions must be asked. In the key area of customer vulnerability, our representatives are trained to alert you to this aspect so that appropriate measures can be taken.

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David Whittaker
Chief Operating Officer
T: 07753 798 847

Part of the Irwin Mitchell Group

Established in 2009, Ascent is a wholly owned subsidiary of Irwin Mitchell Holdings Ltd, and as such is part of the Irwin Mitchell Group of companies. Today, Irwin Mitchell is the 11th largest law firm in the UK and amongst the top 50 in Europe, operating out of 17 UK offices. It employs over 2800 members of staff, including over 1,000 legally trained personnel.

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